Leaving a 208 mk2 for a month - Does the battery last?

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm going on vacation for a month, and I'm planning to leave my car in my apartment parking garage for that period. So, the car won't be turned on for about 25 days, will that be a problem for the battery?

    The mileage is currently at around 4000 km and I bought this brand-new car on May 2023. Also, as far as I remember, the production date was 01/2023.

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  • For a new car, and therefore a relatively new battery, a 4-week standstill should not be a problem - provided the battery is fully charged.
    If you want to be on the safe side, disconnect the battery (positive pole is sufficient).
    Just be careful when reconnecting: do not unlock for about 4 hours and do not operate anything so that the control units can initialize properly again.
    This avoids error messages.

  • Maybe you have to teach the electric window lifts and if present the sunroof, after reconnecting the battery.

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    My battery (72Ah) is almost 7 years old, still has a capacity of about 65% and still runs easily for at least 2 months.

    Assuming you don't lock and unlock the car all the time.

    So, charge your battery fully and then you can just leave it where it is, the battery won't run out that quickly. ;)

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  • Hello all,

    Thnks for all your comments :red_heart:

  • Mittns

    Changed the title of the thread from “Leaving a 208 mk2 for a month” to “Leaving a 208 mk2 for a month - Does the battery last?”.
  • Hello, I forgot to update here.

    When I was back, just the keyless entry wasn't working. But after the first ride, it worked as intended. Start&Stop was also not woking in the beginning, but it started working again after 1-2 days of use.

  • This is normal, that are some first indicators for a low battery level. :thumbs_up:

    How long has the car been parked now?

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  • I left it parked like 27 days at that time

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