Calculate battery range

Temperature differences
At + 40 ° C a capacity loss of up to 20% is possible
The optimum is approx. + 23 ° C and an increase of up to 115% is possible.
At -20 ° C a capacity loss of up to 50% is possible
From approx. + 30-35 ° C the capacity drops
At 0 ° C a capacity loss of up to 25% is possible

Calculate electric range
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Gross capacity
Net capacity
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Calculated range1):

Difference to the SHOULD consumption:

1) As with other types of fuel, the result is based on optimal conditions and is not an exact specification.
The calculated range is non-binding and has neither a contractual nor a legally binding value.
There are many more factors to consider for optimal range that can reduce actual range.

2) For the calculation of the reach, templates can optionally be used that have been put together through your own research.
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